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Welcome to Te Ahi Ora, where the transformative power of Fire & Flow comes to life. Our community-focused initiatives focus on youth empowerment, community enrichment, celebrating cultural heritage, and fostering resilience through the arts. Through providing engaging workshops, vibrant performances, and ongoing opportunities for personal growth, we ignite creativity and strengthen community bonds. 


Join us on this inspiring journey, where the arts become a pathway to well-being and connection.

We bring our safe and engaging programmes to schools and communities all across Aotearoa. Over the last 8 years we have partnered with 158 schools (all the way from Kindergarten to Secondary), worked with over 70,000 participants, and collaborated with various diverse community organizations, including Marae, youth groups, special needs groups, and cultural organizations.


Our time-tested approach delivers a wide range of physical and mental wellbeing benefits, enhancing confidence, strength, and creative expression, and fostering a sense of community by uniting individuals through shared learning and self-challenge.


Te Ahi Ora has five core objectives:


  1. Engage in Fulfilling Physical Activity: We aim to involve participants in stimulating physical activities that are both challenging and rewarding.
  2. Boost Self-Confidence and Creative Expression: Our programs focus on enhancing self-confidence, nurturing explorative play, and fostering creative expression.
  3. Inspire and Facilitate Growth: Te Ahi Ora seeks to inspire individuals and provide clear pathways for their continued personal and artistic growth.
  4. Foster Community Connection: We strive to bring communities together, fostering connections and creating enriching opportunities for celebration and shared experiences.
  5. Combat Digital Addiction: Te Ahi Ora actively works to counter digital addiction and screen dependence by offering engaging alternatives that promote a healthier balance in life.”



“This program was a huge catalyst in the realization of myself, my strengths, my confidence. It immersed me in a welcoming community and encouraged me to push myself further than I ever thought possible.”

Benjamin, 22, Christchurch



 “Learning flow has been a really inspiring, meditative and enriching experience. I had no idea that something so simple could make me feel so much more grounded and happy with myself.”

Emily, 16, Wellington



“The confidence it brings out in everyone is absolutely sensational, from young to old.”

– Alexander, 62, Invercargill



“Once the word gets out more, I feel will become a great asset to the city as it is giving kids an enriching and powerful experience that they can start at any level.  It is also getting them off screens and outside to actively participate in something physical.  Sam and Lori have both been eagerly practicing the skills at home.”

– Gareth, 48, Auckland


“These guys are amazing! Generous with their skills and experience and super-motivated to spread them around. Great teachers, great performers. NZ needs more of this!”


“Loved it! The perfect mix of physical exercise, social development and mind training. Would recommend to anyone.”

– Olivia, 33, Waikato



“The benefits of this programme were immediately visible and ongoing and I myself have joined in and am feeling more positive towards my parenting and personal well being.”

– Samuel, 27, Christchurch


“I have more energy, I am more happy, I am more relaxed and level headed about things, but can also focus and apply myself 100 percent when needed to. My state of mind has changed and evolved completely”

– Amelia, 14, Auckland