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Flow Journey Lessons

We have created the Flow Journey to help guide your learning through breaking up the moves and combos into 4 levels of difficulty: Beginner, Advanced, Expert, and Master, and allows you to map your way through the tutorial videos.


Half of our beginner lesson videos are freely available at the bottom of this page, but you will have to Sign Up to access to our full lesson database.


Members can submit videos completing the moves and combos in order to “Level Up”, receiving Level Badges to celebrate your growth and learning. These badges will be sent out as stickers and patches, and printed on hoodies, shirts, bags, and pants.


We will also be making Badges for each Club and major event, so eventually you will be able to learn how skilled and in what disciplines, where they are from, and what events a person has attended just from the badges they wear!

In the future we will add new lessons to our database, such as Sword, Poi, Ropedart, Hoop, etc – but for 2023 we will be focusing on Staff.