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Join the Fire Family!

                               We offer many benefits to Tāngata Ahi.


  • Access the Flow Journey, Lesson Database, and Challenges
  • Learn how to make your own Practice Staff at home
  • Level Up to earn Badges
  • Join local practice clubs. If one does not exist, we help you form one
  • Borrow club practice & performance equipment
  • 20% discount on all personal practice and performance equipment
  • 20% discount on tickets to all events and festivals
  • Open up online competitions, rewards, and yearly draws
  • Discover volunteer & leadership opportunities
  • Unlock Elite Membership after 1 continuous year 
  • All for 2.70$ per week – cheap as chips!



Help Us Grow

Your support will help us to spread the benefits of Te Ahi Ora, delivering programmes with people from all walks of life and communities across the whole country.


As you get more involved, we provide more opportunities, such as coordinating local performances, teacher training, professional gigs, custom equipment, and challenging new disciplines (like Giant Fire Sword).


If you are moving city or visiting a new region, you will instantly be able to connect with the local Te Ahi Ora Clubs, and as we host more regional events you will get to make new friends from all across the Aotearoa.


Once we reach 300 members in your region, we can start to host bigger and more regular events such as Te Ahi Ora festivals, holiday programmes, school camps, and regional meets.


When you have been a member for 1 year, you unlock Elite Membership

  • 30% discount on all future events, festivals, and workshops
  • 50% discount on personal practice and performance equipment*
  • Access online coaching and mentorship
  • Entered into a bigger yearly draw
  • Unlocks Qualification Courses
  • Extra opportunities for roles of responsibility within Te Ahi Ora