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School Programmes

Our school programmes have 4 sections, described in detail below.

These workshops and performances are offered to schools and communities for free as part of our 2023 programme. 


If you would like to sign up for a School Programme, head on over to our Contact page. 

Please note that our calendar is filling up quickly, so please get in touch as soon as you can. 

1. Daytime Practice Lessons

We host practice lessons at your school, teaching groups of up to 30 students at a time over each period of the school day, for between 30-45 minutes. 


We will be teaching Staff and Fire Staff for our 2024 programme.


These lessons consist of 8 basic moves, 3 combos, and 2 group games, with advanced lessons available for a 2nd or 3rd session with each group as may be desired. 


We often work with larger schools over several concurrent days, aiming to engage with the entirety of your students and staff.


No fire is used for these practice lessons, but our tutors will host a fire performance at lunchtimes for staff and students. 

2. Lunchtime Fire Performances

Each lunchtime, we do a 5 minute fire show at the beginning of lunchtime, on either the field or concreted area.


If your students gather to eat at the start of lunch, we ask that  (if possible) they are gathered in a central area to all watch our performance while they eat. 


During this performance, we may offer some students the opportunity to touch the fire. This experience imbues students with confidence, trust in our tutors, and encourages them to come along later that evening. 


 This practice (while seemingly dangerous) is managed by our tutors to be a safe and exciting experience. The fire we use burns at a very low temperature, and then use this opportunity to give our Fire Safety talk. 

3. Evening Community Performances

On the evenings of each day we host a community fire performance at the school which students, staff, and their families are invited to. If we work with your school for 4 evenings, we would ideally host 4 evening school performances. These are generally held from 4-6 pm. 


During evening performances, our tutors demonstrate the top levels of fire performance for 15 minutes, with the next 1-2 hours dedicated to teaching the gathered students, staff, and parents how to safely perform with fire; a highly transformative and empowering experience.


Although fire performance may sound dangerous at first, with the proper safety measures and procedures it is just as safe as any contemporary sport (in some cases even safer). We are proud to have a spotless health and safety record, and will provide you with comprehensive RAMS forms for these sessions. 


4. Local Clubs & Ongoing Support

After we have finished our programme in your area, we offer to set up afterschool/lunchtime practice clubs for ongoing engagement.



These clubs are provided with practice equipment and access to our learning materials database containing tutorials, challenges, and rewards.


Beginner yoga and meditation lessons are also offered, alongside our Fire & Flow lessons, and the Flow Journey.



Anyone can come to a practice club 2 times for free – but afterwards must sign up as a member.