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Welcome to our Fire Performance Shop! 

We offer a wide selection of top-quality fire performance equipment and fuel to ignite your passion for fire dancing. 

From durable practice staffs and poi to professional-grade fire staffs and Giant Fire Swords, our products cater to all skill levels. 

Our high-performance fuel ensures safe and vibrant flames for your shows. 

Equip yourself with the best tools in the industry and elevate your fire performances to new heights. 

Explore our collection and find everything you need to shine bright.

Please email your order through on our contact form while we finish setting up our online store.

Performance Equipment

Fire Staff – $120.00

    Length customised to user, generally 1.2 – 1.4 m long

    EPDM grip – screwed and taped to ensure stability

    Wick sizes, 50mm – good for kids and beginners

                        75mm – great for those finding their flow

                        100 mm – fantastic for confident spinners (15$ extra) 


Contact Claymore (giant fire sword) – $250.00

    Solid 3.5kg counterweight, overall weight roughly 5kg 

    generally 1.3 m long but length customised to user.

    Spiralbound wick 

    Can be gripped (I prefer mine bare) 



Practice Staff – $40.00

    Coloured ends for easier learning/teaching (can count rotation beats)

    21mm diameter, 1.2 m length

Padded ends to minimise impact bruising

 Triple markings, middle point and 1/4 points for easy learning

Full epdm grip




Pro Staff – $50.00

    No weighted/padded ends – super fast and nippy

    25mm diameter, 1.4 m length

    Full Epdm grip


Watch your teeth!

Mostly for enhancing your speed and accuracy. Equal weight distribution along the staff changes how the momentum works significantly. 



Manufacturers Warranty: each piece of our Te Ahi Ora performance equipment comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty (does not cover damage from wear tear/usage). Most of our props last  around 3 years, with heavy use (but also care).


Coming soon, practice & fire:



Spiral bound fire staves (any wick length)


Sabres (medium swords)

Daggers (short swords)

Flowers (optional add on)

Hackey sacks

Happy to discuss any custom builds, eg 300mm wicked fire staffs.


Supporting Kit

Te Ahi Ora Fire Performance Fuel – 15$ per Litre 

Non explosive

Low burn temperature

Clean burning

Bright Flame


Lower toxicity (relatively)

1 Liter = aproximately 10-15 performances (depending on performance equipment in question



10 L Empty Container – $35.00

Super robust HDPE fuel resistant container. 

Carry handle and vapour sealed lid.



3 Container Fueling System – $40.00

Catches all drips and prevents all spills.

Vapour sealed lid.



Fire Safety Kit – $60.00

Fire Blanket, fire extinguisher, first aid Kit


Equipment Rack + Rechargeable Headtorch – $150.00