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Our Challenge

Our society is becoming increasingly addicted to digital devices, and many of our communities are growing apart – increasingly isolated by the digital divide. 

Screen time in New Zealand is currently averaging 6 hours a day, some of the heaviest use in the world, seriously impacting behaviour, cognition, and health. 

Social media, games, and shows are all designed to get us hooked, to spend as much time as possible on their platforms in passive, sedentary consumption.


Increased screen time has been linked to declining physical health, falling levels of mental wellbeing, and decreased community participation. 


Kids and parents across the country need a new, engaging pathway that can effectively compete with digital entertainment, strengthen the connection of our communities, and enhance physical and mental health.


Our mission is to address the pressing crisis of digital addiction and disconnection in today’s youth. We recognize the modern challenges our communities face and offer a powerful solution through the Fire & Flow Arts. 



Our Solution

Te Ahi Ora directly addresses these challenges through providing an exciting new community activity: Fire and Flow.


 This unique art form combines performance and extreme sport, engaging both mind and body in a profoundly enjoyable way, fostering creativity and self-expression. 


Fire performance showcases incredible skill and provides entertainment for both participants and spectators, leading to increased confidence, improved mental well-being, enhanced physical health, and stronger community connections. 


Through Fire and Flow, individuals experience heightened confidence, reduced anxiety, improved athleticism, and empowered creative expression. We empower communities to reconnect through shared growth, bringing kids, adults, and friends together to explore this fascinating new opportunity. With highly engaging programs, we inspire self-confidence, encourage creative expression, and promote physical well-being. 


Te Ahi Ora is more than just a performing arts programme; it’s a transformative experience that brings communities together, fostering resilience and unity. Join us as we tackle these challenges head-on and create a brighter, more connected future for all.

Local Support

After working with your community, we help you to set up local practice and performance clubs – providing you with all the support you need to continue the Fire and Flow journey. 


We help you find practice venues, organise and connect with members, and provide online tutorials, practice equipment, challenges and rewards, and a discounts for our future events and festivals.


We regularly come back to work with your club, bringing new lessons, new types of equipment and disciplines, and offering a whole range of exciting opportunities. 



Further down the track we will start hosting regional performing arts festivals and national championships, where local clubs and members can come together from across the region to meet each other, learn, perform, and grow together. These events will feature top level lessons from our tutors, local markets, delicious food, and evenings full of fire, dancing, and music.